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Handstand is an adventure company that specializes in building experiences for their customers to encourage collaboration, get people moving, and foster friendships.


Design Intern


iconography, posters, and filters in illustrator;

animations done in aftereffects

summer 2017


The SF Hunt spans across cities all over the country, and for each major city new, customized graphics were created for the app to fit with the location. 

From left to right: San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Oakland

Below are headers created for the leaderboards page on the mobile app.

From left to right: Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC



SATURDAY, JULY 15th, 2017 

Dolores Park, San Francisco


poster design

To promote Handstand's Handstand World Record event, posters and flyers were handed out and placed in various local cafes and shops across San Francisco. While only the red version was published, other variations using the company's brand colors were also produced. Created on Adobe Illustrator, printed on 6" x 9" cardstock paper.



In addition to making and handing out flyers, I created snapchat filters so that park-goers will swipe around on Snapchat and discover the event going on. I used a bright color palette to match the brand's fun and playful image as an adventure company. These filters went live at the World Record event on July 15th, 2017 for the entire duration of the event. Graphics created on Adobe Illustrator.