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palette tea house


Palette Tea House is a modern Chinese restaurant located at 900 North Point Street inside Ghirardelli Square. Opened by the Ng family, who also own and operate Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux in the Bay Area, Palette opened its doors in early April. Its quick service area located next to the restaurant opened about two months later, selling a variety of teas and small food items for customers who prefer takeout over dining in.


Contract Designer


assets created on adobe illustrator;

formatted in adobe indesign;

april 2019

quick service area

Anchor 1

(~40 hours including revisions)

menu in action:  (featured is a past version of menu due to items changing)


The client requested takeout menus to be made to be put up on TV screens. The quick service area was meant to be for customers that did not want to wait in line for dine-in service or takeout. The menu would be snacks and meals that were easy to eat on the go and take less time for preparation. It also featured a variety of tea and coffee, similar to a tea or coffee bar.

Due to COVID-19, the quick service area is no longer open and has since changed to a takeout section.


bar menu

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(~3 hours)

After the takeout menus were created, the bar manager of Palette approached me about making icons for the newest alochol list. Palette had yet to make a bar list of their alcohol selections, and the bar manager wanted to dedicate the first page to Palette's popular house cocktails.

They wanted to give customers a better idea of what each cocktail will look like after noticing an issue where the customer orders a cocktail thinking it was the drink they saw in photos on Yelp and Instagram. 

I created an icon for each type of glass available in the bar. Although not all were used in the permanent bar list, I wanted the bar manager to be able to add on or change the menu because he planned to have seasonal cocktail specials. These icons were also utilized in seasonal menu specials.

Shown below is the first and second page of the bar list, which also features Palette's beer, wine, and alcohol selection.

PGS - Bar Menu_190808.jpg
PGS - Bar Menu_1908082.jpg
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